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Adrian Smith +  Gordon Gill Architecture established ASGGe in 2018 as an ePublishing firm to support our numerous in house publications. Look out for upcoming books in 2019. 

Adrian Smith +  Gordon Gill Architecture
 was founded in 2006 by partners Adrian Smith, Gordon Gill, and Robert Forest. AS+GG focuses on high-performance, energy-efficient, and sustainable architecture on an international scale. We strive to create designs that aid society, advance modern technology, sustain the environment, and inspire those around us to improve our world.

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Published December 2018

Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture's RESIDENSITY is an analysis of nine residential building typologies with the goal of developing a deeper understanding of the relationships between different building densities in respect to the amount of land and infrastructure required to support them. The book explores how much energy, both embodied and consumed, is used in each typology. It investigates the relationship between density and open space from the viewpoint of sustainability, carbon emissions, and carbon sequestration, factoring in each to determine what building typology is the most sustainable on a comparative basis.

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