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Residensity Featured in Architect Magazine

January's Architect Magazine, aptly titled The Carbon Issue, calls on the Architecture community to kick the CO2 habit and get on the right side of climate change.

The issue explores sustainability beyond energy efficiency into shifting our energy base to renewables and cutting emissions from building materials. AS+GG's ebook, Residensity: A Carbon Analysis for Residential Typologies, is featured in the issue as a study that explores carbon emissions by housing type.

The article states, "The AS+GG model anticipates energy infrastructure improvements and efficiencies over the next four decades that would result in a reduced operational carbon expenditure. In any case, the embodied carbon cost of the buildings and related infrastructure remain fixed - regardless of new efficiencies - highlighting how important the initial embodied carbon expenditure is to a buildings' life-cycle carbon burden."

To understand the full picture, Residensity: A Carbon Analysis for Residential Typologies can be purchased at our blog store or a preview can be viewed at

Photo by Lensaloft Aerial Photography

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